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SZENTEK 'We Will Dance Again' Event

SZENTEK has been a client I have worked with numerous times to raise money for local charities in and around Scotland. For the live streaming event hosted back in July 2020, in collaboration with ASHA Soundsystem and EH-FM Radio Station, Summerhall, a group of artists were chosen to create postcards for a charity of our choice. I chose to use ASHA's slogan 'Young lovers unite against hate and fascism' as the basis for my illustrations in order to raise funds for the Black Lives Matter UK organisation.


"Due to recent events and global outcry of racism shown to numerous black communities globally such as Belly Mujinga and George Flloyd, I wanted to create these illustrations. They include themes and topics to do with the BLM protests that have been happening globally.

'We Will Dance Again' is in response to the upcoming event on EHFM: a radio DJ broadcasting to people during a time of isolation during COVID 19.

Young Lovers Unite' shows a group of people protesting for the BLM movement, showing that ASHA and the community that represents EH-FM and Szentek all host the same values and core beliefs against racism. In order to love one another and come together as a society, we must speak out against injustice."

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