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SZENTEK, the events team, came to me stating that they wanted to make t-shirts with my dance designs to sell on Everpress, and to raise money for charity. The designs had to be creative, appealing design to be sold on Everpress to raise more money for Szentek’s charity campaign and to further promote the brand and events. The design had to be cool, modern and evoking what Szentek events stand for – good music, inclusivity, breaking boundaries. Not overly detailed, not gendered, can be very colourful or more overstated (they encourage this). I had to think about the colour of the t-shirt and whether I would want it short or long sleeved. There was a lot to consider and develop with this project - size of files, colour of t-shirts, colour of the illustrations, arrangement on the t-shirt. We created a long and a short sleeve t-shirt with 3 illustrated designs.

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