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with Analogue Wonderland

Emma Lloyd is a photographer who works within the Analogue Wonderland company. She has also produced a film project called She Hearts Film that has been initiated on Instagram. Emma wanted the possibility to rework her official logo design and create a more modern, genderless icon. My illustration is based off the sacred heart concept. The design is supposed to be genderless and doesn't take on the pronoun 'She' due to to current changing ideas of what it is to be male or female. It's a project the is encouraging and accepting of all people within the film industry.

"I feel that it is important that the film community (and world) is inclusive, we build representation of all different kinds of people that can offer different experiences and perspectives. The film community will grow this way and be better off for it, we all have different stories and lessons to share. Keep being creative, sharing your work and inspiring each other, the She Hearts film project is only just the beginning!"

- Emma Lloyd

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