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Print Commissions

Print Commissions are a range of prints from numerous clients I have completed as gifts, to sell online and in stores. They are often completed for companies I am interested in raising funding for or promoting to the general public.

Edinburgh Pub Project

Localburgh is an online website that hosts a project called the Edinburgh Pub Project.

They state:

'In Early 2020 we set out with a single mission to support local businesses who were struggling due to Covid-19 restrictions.

After building and operating a marketplace website, helping over 120 local businesses to continue trading online and driving valuable traffic to their website, we launched a side project. 

This side project came to be known as the "Edinburgh Pub Project", it too has helped local artists and businesses significantly over the past year and we're excited to be taking the next step to launch the project across Scotland.'

They have gone on to sell and produce A3 prints of the local clubs and events I have drawn in and around Edinburgh.

Below from left to right: Mash House, Bongo, The Jazz Bar and Sneaky Petes.

unnamed (4).jpg
unnamed (3).jpg
unnamed (6).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg

Single Print Commissions

These are sets of solo illustration commissions by private clients. Some feature themes and personal interests, some feature events and places they have visited.

Miss World

I started the year contacting The Miss World all female DJ collective of Edinburgh. They grace the clubs with their disco tunes and entertaining persona. They are basically Edinburgh’s answer to a disco destiny’s child! An all-female DJ Collective and are residents at Sneaky Pete’s, Paradise Palms and EH-FM in Edinburgh. Guest DJ’s have included Logic1000, Peach, Nina Las Vegas and Sara Wild. They describe themselves as a musical beauty pageant of all sounds and genres. Their main DJ’s are Aphid and Emily, who founded and still work under the collective name. It seems that from discussing music and events with them, that women in the music industry is of great importance to them. They enjoy playing disco, funk and soul music for people. Seeing as they are so evident amongst the young people’s crowd of Scotland, I wanted to make prints that honour these two girls. Something that people could admire. Almost like merchandise that not only promotes them but also sells to their audience.


As a result, I made an a4 response hand drawn illustration to watching them play live events and a set of A2 coloured paper screen-prints.

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