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COLOUR and SOUND Exhibition


This selection of hand drawings were made as a response to the words COLOUR and SOUND as part of the northstreet.collective exhibition held at the Greenhouse Café in Leith, Edinburgh. I exhibited six illustrations, including the Miss World screenprint and sold prints of these illustrations on the night. I also aimed to rearrange my exhibited piece in a random selection. I displayed the head panel at the top, the feet in the middle section and the waist at the bottom. I enjoyed how my work was situated above vinyl records, meaning that when people were talking about my work, the subject led onto the music they liked, and people could share common ground between one another. The opening night also featured painters and fashion designers selling hand crafted leather coats. Some of the people attending lead magazine publishing companies for their university and worked in events teams. It was a positive way to talk to people and network amongst music orientated groups. During the exhibition, live artists also played a range of instruments. The after party was held at Mash House, Edinburgh and hosted 4 featured DJ’s. It was overall an enjoyable and exciting event to be a part of.

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