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Edinburgh Pub Project

Localburgh is an online website that hosts a project called the Edinburgh Pub Project.

They state:

'In Early 2020 we set out with a single mission to support local businesses who were struggling due to Covid-19 restrictions.

After building and operating a marketplace website, helping over 120 local businesses to continue trading online and driving valuable traffic to their website, we launched a side project. 

This side project came to be known as the "Edinburgh Pub Project", it too has helped local artists and businesses significantly over the past year and we're excited to be taking the next step to launch the project across Scotland.'

They have gone on to sell and produce A3 prints of the local clubs and events I have drawn in and around Edinburgh.

Below from left to right: Mash House, Bongo, The Jazz Bar and Sneaky Petes.

unnamed (4).jpg
unnamed (3).jpg
unnamed (6).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg

All posters are still available for purchase by going to -

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