Live Drawing

Attending clubs, events and meeting people has allowed me to produce a collection of observational and live drawings. Miss World was just the beginning to these illustrations. The nightclubs in Edinburgh have allowed me to record the vibrancy and bustling energy found in the colourful crowds I witnessed throughout the weeks. The break dance sessions are where I saw a woman, Emma Ready and a group of dancers come together to practise and celebrate the style and range of talent they all possess which has also had an effect on my other projects such as animating and my dance mat. Live drawing has proven to be very important to me. Not only have I seen these range of people in action, but I have also been able to talk to them one-on-one and understand the types of communities that surround our social environments here in the UK. They all obtain the same ethos and that is to keep active and social with one another. Now, more so than ever, has proven to be important with the current climate we find ourselves in as a society. Surrounding themselves with people who enjoy similar interests and want to spend time being active together. The information and research gathered from these social settings are proving to be beneficial to reminding people of the importance of social interaction for our mental and physical health.

A lot of these illustrations were a way of me understanding how to develop future projects, compositionally and due to subject matter. They aren’t final pieces, more developing sketches. However, some drawings, when taken more time and thought upon, proved to work successfully as final pieces. The Jazz Bar sessions, where I have seen the roaring University Jazz Orchestra and the fresh funk sounds of Tinderbox. The wide range of instruments and voices give a real eclectic and sentiment to both groups. You could feel the rhythmic sounds bouncing of the walls and dancing among their players.