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Lils Crotchet Closet


Lils Crochet Closet is a start up company for the production and selling of crocheted clothes and accessories. Lillian hand crochets her one size hats, jumpers and handbags and sells them on her Instagram. She needed a logo and a few illustrations for her labels. I wanted to create something vibrant, feminine and comforting.

I created two logo designs. The official logo contains a figure wearing a crocheted hat. Lillian designs her hats with certain motifs and themes. They can often display frogs, pigs and strawberries on the hats. I surrounded her hat with elements of strawberries as this was one of her first designs. The second illustration features a pair of hands crocheting a piece of wool to create the logo and type design. It shows that the products are personal and handmade.

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