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I wanted to go in and see what happens behind the voice of a Radio Station. I attended the LUNCH show at EH-FM which was on for 4 hours which was really exciting to see. There were 4 people playing back to back records and creating a feel-good playlist for their listeners. The interaction they have behind the voice recording is something I wanted to capture. That not only are you dancing along at home but so are the DJ’s and people in the studio. There were weird phrases being thrown around in discussion such as “Sip It Up people!” and “It’s so hard cause you think of one tune and end up playing ten” and “shall we talk a wee bit of shite before we get into the songs?” I loved watching a group of people in a tiny room, who somewhat seem shy and anxious when playing to a crowd, jump about throwing shapes and wiggling their bodies in the air because no one is looking at them. Through this day, I met a lot of artists and it was also a way of social networking and seeing if anyone wanted work or advertisement produced for them. I met the people from Thursday Dub Club through this.

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