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CLUBLAND : The Boombox


The boombox is designed to hold my archive and portfolio in. Over the year I have collected a substantial amount of historical research into groups and organisations formed from the workings of dance. My archive is an annotated review of the information I collected in my sketchbooks. My portfolio is a reaction to this research. All the illustrations I have crafted and produced by being inspired from the community culture in nightclubs, events, classes, festivals etc. I wanted to use a vinyl case and create a flat illustrated boombox design to attached around it. I enjoy the concept of a dance matt being inspired by the cardboard matts from hip hop/breakdancing images and a boombox sitting on the side as a music aid to the dancing. I felt that while people were dancing to the music, others could go through the case and browse my work, much like you would go through vinyls, pulling out discs and comparing opinions.

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