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The aim of my work is evident in my final project CLUBLAND. Community projects and events have always been an integral part in how dance styles have formed. I wanted my work to be this binding factor by making you want to get up and dance. A place to twerk, pop, lock, twist, groove and move.

The dance matt consists of 9 squares, jigsaw pieces put together to form one foam dance mat with a printed illustration onto vinyl and attached to the foam. There are 8 forms of dance styles. From top right to bottom left the styles are breaking, popping, vogueing/waacking, locking, house style, twerking/dancehall, new jack swing and krumping.

The purpose of this illustrated installations is to make you move, be silly and dance to the music. To change your style of dancing based on the shuffling of a playlist or your interaction with the mat or others around you. The playlist is consisting of a historical range of club classic music chosen from Spotify and created by me:


From club-goers to dance choreographers, from dance beginners to complete amateurs this illustration is for the people, young and old. There are no expectations. My aim was to make people feel comfortable being silly in front of one another and dancing.

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