Client Briefs

A collection of client briefs beginning with the most recent. This collection involves working with artists for recent club events and posters, designing a boards and murals for restaurants and drawing up logos for independent online businesses.

Miss World x India Jordan
at Sneaky Petes


Miss World is an all female DJ collective from Edinburgh. They often collaborate with featured artists and go B2B in their resident club Sneaky Petes, Cowgate. The brief was to design a visual that encompasses the audience and location of the event.  Above is the illustration provided for the Facebook Event Poster.


The A3 poster provided for Resident Advisor and to print and advertise in and around Edinburgh, UK.
To buy tickets follow the link :


Strange Fest
at The Derby Brewery Arms


Strange Fest is a festival that is headlining for the first time at The Derby Brewery Arms this September 2021. It will feature a varied line up from local artists and DJ's in and around Manchester, UK. The name originates from the upcoming Strange Quarter in Manchester. The illustration features a drawing of the DBA, with an arrange of people from different backgrounds surrounding it, enjoying one anothers company, dancing and drinking. It also features flowers that are grown and displayed within the pub itself.


The left image features the official A3 poster for print in and around Manchester. The right features an A3 line up of all acts included over the 2 day festival period.


Above is the official illustration used for all posters and designs.

If you are wanting to access tickets to this event follow the link below:


Purezza is a plant based pizzeria which started its opening in Brighton and has opened it's first branch in Manchester this year. I have started working there as front of house, whilst also being able to input my illustrative skills into the company. This collaboration has allowed me to create A-Board designs to advertise the restaurant outside on the High Street.

Below is an illustration featured for a wall mural that will be placed in the staff room of the restaurant. The illustration is based off of the famous Manchester worker bees and plays on the words 'plant based' by narrating these bees working together amongst plants and flowers by carrying and serving pizza back and forth. It's bright, colourful and busy. The gap on the bottom left is to show where the door will be on the wall.


with Analogue Wonderland

Emma Lloyd is a photographer who works within the Analogue Wonderland company. She has also produced a film project called She Hearts Film that has been initiated on Instagram. Emma wanted the possibilty to rework her official logo design and create a more modern, genderless icon.

"I feel that it is important that the film community (and world) is inclusive, we build representation of all different kinds of people that can offer different experiences and perspectives. The film community will grow this way and be better off for it, we all have different stories and lessons to share. Keep being creative, sharing your work and inspiring each other, the She Hearts film project is only just the beginning!"

- Emma Lloyd


PARTISAN Collective

Facebook banner high res.PNG

Partisan Collective is based in Manchester. They describe themselves as a 'cooperative space for independent, DIY, cultural and political activities.' I have worked through them to create a poster design for their event at their new open space at Islington Mill this 2021.

A3 Poster(Print).JPG

Below is the line up and listings for each event and the artists/acts performing.

Thursday version1.JPG
Saturday version1.JPG

Lils Crotchet Closet


Lils Crochet Closet is a start up company for the production and selling of crocheted clothes and accessories. Lillian hand crochets her one size hats, jumpers and handbags and sells them on her Instagram. She needed a logo and a few illustrations for her labels. I wanted to create something vibrant, feminine and comforting.

I created two logo designs. The official logo contains a figure wearing a crocheted hat. Lillian designs her hats with certain motifs and themes. They can often display frogs, pigs and strawberries on the hats. I surrounded her hat with elements of strawberries as this was one of her first designs. The second illustration features a pair of hands crocheting a piece of wool to create the logo and type design. It shows that the products are personal and handmade.

DJ ID[E]A Mixes

Below: Illustration featured as the Artwork Album Cover for DJ ID[E]A's selection of mixes on Soundcloud.


Access DJ ID[E]A's mixes at -

The Plantry Food Blog

Theplantryfoodblog is a recipe site set up and ran by Isabella Avery and illustrated by me. Isabella initially set up the instagram account during lockdown to share new recipes with friends and anyone else who wanted to see.

I designed the backdrops for each featured page. The illustrations are based on the types of foods featured in the recipes provided and are listed below.

General Home Page


Breakfast /Brunch

Breakfastbrunch_A1_Artwork (1).jpg


Dinner_A1_Artwork (1).jpg

Pasta / Noodles

Pastanoodles_A1_Artwork (1).jpg

Sweet Treats

Sweet_Treats_A1_Artwork (1).jpg

You can find all further information regarding the plantry food blog and Isabella through her website

or by following her on instagram @theplantryfoodblog

Examples of Isabella's recipe's are featured below:


Beccy Nipps


Beccy started creating soft sculpture cushions in 2020 with the aim to sell these on Instagram. With now over 3000 followers and gaining, her clientele has grown to appreciate her wiggly and playful designs. She wanted me to create a logo and a few icons that resembled this aesthetic.

Instagram logo.JPG

Above is her main logo and second logo design for her labels.

Below is the design I created for her business cards and the A5 care instructions attached to all delivery packages.

Untitled_Artwork.jpg (2).jpeg

If you are interested in buying any of Beccy's cushions, you can follow her and DM to order through her instagram; @beccynipps.

Examples of some product images featured below.


Heriot Hott Sauce


Above: Facebook Cover Photo for the Facebook Page, Heriot Hott Sauce.


Heriot Hott Sauce is a start up company based in Edinburgh, UK. The brief was to illustrate a set of flavoured hot sauces based on a character called Professor Heriot in his lab/sauce creation space. Heriot Hott has drawn inspiration and aspects from Heriot Watt University and George Heriot and James Watt. The Facebook Cover Photo used above has accents of the Heriot Watt Building as Professor Hott's throne.

George Heriot was a Scottish goldsmith and philanthropist from the 17th Century. James Watt was a Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer, and chemist who improved on Thomas Newcomen's 1712 Newcomen steam engine with his Watt steam engine in 1776. Both were innovators within their own line of work. The premise of the brief was to create a character with a similar personality to that of James and George, head-strong and bold. Someone who instills the idea of a crafter/creator.

To buy any of the sauces featured on this page go to

Yellow Brick Education


Yellow Brick Education is an academic consultant and specialist private tutoring service supporting learners and educational institutions with learners who have any/all/ a range of Special Educational Needs (SEN). I was able to include themes of the Wizard of Oz and still manage to keep a formal approach to a companies learning outcomes. I designed a poster as the main source of advertisement and then created logos, background designs and small character illustrations to be used throughout the website.

Below: Draft composition and initial colour scheme for the Yellow Brick website.


The Big Trunk Trail 2021


Over 30 giant elephants will form the biggest and most unique outdoor public art event Luton’s ever seen. These stunning sculptures will trumpet along the free, fun and family-friendly art trail around Luton’s key landmarks, streets and open spaces, bringing together the community for one unforgettable jumbo event. 

Smaller sculptures – adopted and decorated by schools, colleges and community groups – will also be displayed as part of the big adventure. 

The Big Trunk Trail will bring together communities and visitors. Trail explorers young and old will have fun rediscovering Luton, learning about the artwork and spending time together.

Join the herd, get outdoors, walk more and #SpotTheElephant. Share your stories on social media via @bigtrunktrailand download The Big Trunk Trail app (launching 2021) for even more fun!

And after entertaining and bringing people together, the legacy of The Big Trunk Trail continues as many of the sculptures will be auctioned to raise vital funds for Keech Hospice Care.


Above and Left: My final draft submission for the Trunk Trail 2021

Painting the sculpture will begin in April 2021


EVOLVE Calendar 2021

As part of an Edinburgh College of Art graduate project, 12 students were involved in the creation and design of the 2021 Evolve Calendar. The theme was dream life and I was given the month April. My illustration involved myself overlooking a wet and gloomy Manchester in my dream apartment with my pet Easter bunny and baby chicks. 



Below: Illustrated submission for the month April for the Evolve 2021 Calendar.


Below: Final product of the 2021 Evolve Calendar sold online and on Etsy

IMG_0973 (1).JPG

Below: Initial Sketch of the illustration for April



SADGRADS is an online Instagram page created by a former ECA graduate. The page was to be used as a way to feature young and upcoming artists from the UK, graduating around the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Leading on from this, they managed to create two zines, which feature my degree show work.


Below: Graduate work and profile featured in the SADGRADS Zine 2020.


ALT-D Magazine

ALT-D is a collective of students whose core aim was to create an alternative 2020 online graduate showcase for the Edinburgh College of Art students. They held a gallery exhibition near the Scottish Boarders, showcased our work on Billboards in Edinburgh and created a zine sold online and now featured in the Tate Gallery's archives.

File_000 (1).jpeg
File_000 (2).jpeg

Above: The ALT-D Zine featuring my 2-page graphic novel and profile illustration.

Below: A closer look into the 2-page centrefold graphic novel I designed and created for the ALT-D Zine.

example 1.jpg

Below: My illustrations featured next to an article on ALT-D. The article didn't paint our project or ethos in a very good light and saw it as a negative reaction to our Universities attempt at an online degree show. However, I believe our response was only a positive outlook on the current pandemic we were in. We were expecting a degree show, discussions with employers and prospect of a future. ALT-D was a response created from the opportunity we were given. My design of a 2 page graphic novel was to tell the story of how the collective was formed in its true image.


Below: My degree show work featured on a billboard in Edinburgh.

File_000 (1).jpeg

Below: Advertisement in Edinburgh for the ALT-D exhibition held at Zembla Gallery.

File_000 (2).jpeg

RAWKUS Street Dance Society

RAWKUS Street Dance Society is a collective of dancers at Loughborough University. They hold classes specified to certain dance styles such as popping and locking, waacking and hip hop. They came to me to design a poster that they could use as advertisement for their Welcome Week and for future competitions and projects. The size was to be A0 and be big enough to attach to a rolling poster frame.


Below: Draft compotsitions for the RAWKUS A0 Illustrated Poster.


SZENTEK 'We Will Dance Again' Event

SZENTEK has been a client I have worked with numerous times to raise money for local charities in and around Scotland. For the live streaming event hosted back in July 2020, in collaboration with ASHA Soundsystem and EH-FM Radio Station, Summerhall, a group of artists were chosen to create postcards for a charity of our choice. I chose to use ASHA's slogan 'Young lovers unite against hate and fascism' as the basis for my illustrations in order to raise funds for the Black Lives Matter UK organisation.


"Due to recent events and global outcry of racism shown to numerous black communities globally such as Belly Mujinga and George Flloyd, I wanted to create these illustrations. They include themes and topics to do with the BLM protests that have been happening globally.

'We Will Dance Again' is in response to the upcoming event on EHFM: a radio DJ broadcasting to people during a time of isolation during COVID 19.

Young Lovers Unite' shows a group of people protesting for the BLM movement, showing that ASHA and the community that represents EH-FM and Szentek all host the same values and core beliefs against racism. In order to love one another and come together as a society, we must speak out against injustice."



Szentek Colour.jpg
szentek pocket.jpg
Szentek back.png

SZENTEK, the events team, came to me stating that they wanted to make t-shirts with my dance designs to sell on Everpress, and to raise money for charity. The designs had to be creative, appealing design to be sold on Everpress to raise more money for Szentek’s charity campaign and to further promote the brand and events. The design had to be cool, modern and evoking what Szentek events stand for – good music, inclusivity, breaking boundaries. Not overly detailed, not gendered, can be very colourful or more overstated (they encourage this). I had to think about the colour of the t-shirt and whether I would want it short or long sleeved. There was a lot to consider and develop with this project - size of files, colour of t-shirts, colour of the illustrations, arrangement on the t-shirt. We created a long and a short sleeve t-shirt with 3 illustrated designs.


Thursday Dub Club


Hometown Promotional Soundsystem play at events throughout Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee. They are a Soundsystem run reggae/dancehall events team. They messaged me in December about creating a poster for their night at Bongo in Edinburgh.

The brief was as follows:

Soundsystem / Reggae / Vibes / Warmth / Scotland / Jamaica / Movement

Thursday Dub Club (Big at the top of the poster)

With Hometown Promotion Soundsystem

Sippa Seb, James Bond, Welshy and MC Campeazi

Thursday 30th January 2020

The Bongo Club


£5 all night

Reggae / Dancehall / Rub a Dub / Roots

The March Poster was for a Wee Dub Festival event that was Hometown Promotion Soundsystem battling against Crucial Roots Soundsystem.


Hearing Aid Magazine


This magazine is about an insight into music culture. It provides reviews, articles, news etc. on popular and independent music genres and styles allowing you to read about the things you enjoy and develop a learning for this particular subject. My illustration response was about what the magazine means to me.

These illustrations were featured in issue 16 of Hearing Aid Magazine as a full bleed, double page spread. The first illustration is an eruption of musical imagery exploding and swirling in motion all leading into an ear. The second illustration features a person preferably in their teens/early 20’s lying on the carpet listening to music, with the cord making up the silhouette of an ear shape with vinyl CD’s and homely possessions scattered around the room.